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Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm baaaack

Back on the wagon today, abs it feels awesome. I'm just so used to Paleo eating, that everything else seems unnatural...oh wait, it is. First day back to work after Spring Break, and it feels good to be back in routine.

Breakfast: eggs, salsa, strawberries, almond butter, black coffee

Lunch: spinach, turkey patty, salsa, nut mix

Dinner: turkey patty, asparagas, glass of wine...much needed. This car shopping business is stressing us out.

Sports car??? SUV???? Which way should we go??? Ahhhh!!! Do I say farewell to our family goals so we can have a little fun with a sports car. Or do we go with the SUV in case the stork comes early???? I think for now I'll leave it up to fate. It's more exciting that way. I think I'm gonna roll the dice on this one.

Workout: row 500m, 150 DU's, 50 burpees. I did it in 13:55. Not bad at all. I'm telling you people...Paleo does work and it gets easier. Especially now that the pressure is off with the challenge being over!

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