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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cleaned up my power cleans today. The light bulb finally went off. Now I should be able to lift some major weight!!!

7 minute ladders of wallballs and jumping ring pullups. I got 10 rounds. My wallballs feel like they are improving.

Breakfast: eggs, strawberries, AB

Lunch: turkey patty, spinach, mixed nuts

Dinner: turkey, spinach, cheese (had to do it)

2 squares of dark chocolate

Time to go pack for Alabama.
Thanks for all the support 5 and a quarter girls!!! You know who you are!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm baaaack

Back on the wagon today, abs it feels awesome. I'm just so used to Paleo eating, that everything else seems unnatural...oh wait, it is. First day back to work after Spring Break, and it feels good to be back in routine.

Breakfast: eggs, salsa, strawberries, almond butter, black coffee

Lunch: spinach, turkey patty, salsa, nut mix

Dinner: turkey patty, asparagas, glass of wine...much needed. This car shopping business is stressing us out.

Sports car??? SUV???? Which way should we go??? Ahhhh!!! Do I say farewell to our family goals so we can have a little fun with a sports car. Or do we go with the SUV in case the stork comes early???? I think for now I'll leave it up to fate. It's more exciting that way. I think I'm gonna roll the dice on this one.

Workout: row 500m, 150 DU's, 50 burpees. I did it in 13:55. Not bad at all. I'm telling you people...Paleo does work and it gets easier. Especially now that the pressure is off with the challenge being over!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is it!

WOD: Did Annie due to hurt back.


9:47 - Sub that!

Breakfast: eggs, grapes, AB
Lunch: chicken, almonds
Dinner: chicken, tea

I can't believe it! Tomorrow is picture day. This is bitter sweet. I want it to end but I don't all at the same time. The good news is, I will still be doing Paleo. I feel so good on Paleo. It was a well worth it challenge! I just have to end my blog (for worries followers...I will continue to blog maybe not as often though) by saying...WELCOME SPRING BREAK! Time to go...I need to get in bed so I can be well rested for my 5AM workout tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

no words to describe

WOD: I chose to do 21-15-9, OHS, DL

I started with Rx'd weight

My back cramped up bad. Kept dropping weight, but back was still acting up. Jason said to call it a day and listen to my body because we don't want to hurt ourselves. Thank you Jason for making me stop because I would have kept going and probably severely hurt myself.

Here is where the back problem stemmed from:

On Friday we had cleans and pullups. On my cleans (which was a very heavy weight for me)on the way down I would get lazy and round my back. Jason is always on my case for this and now I see why. I injured my back from this and aggravated it when trying to do deads tonight. I was in pain over the weekend but felt like it would go away just like some of my other Crossfit aches. In the back of my mind I knew Jason was right and just continued to be lazy. I can assure you this will never happen again because it is too painful to have to go through again. I am very upset with myself! The only positive thing I can find about the situation is that now I know better and have learned my lesson. Sometimes it takes a major mistake to learn your lesson for good!

Breakfast: eggs, grapes, AB

Lunch: chicken, almonds

Dinner: When I tell you I was upset with my performance I meant it. When I get upset enough I don't eat. Usually Rob forces me to eat, but he was at class tonight so I sat around the house and was mopey. I did have a larabar and some tea.

Hopefully I can do tomorrow's WOD. I just want to scream! So disappointed! I let myself down and that is the worst person to let down...yourself. I'll get over it. I am in major need of Spring Break and time for myself. I've put myself on the back burner for too long! It's time to focus and pay attention!

Monday, March 29, 2010

catch goes

So...I'll give you the bad news first:

I cheated! Ahhh!!!! I was so close to an almost perfect run and I screwed it up. Below is a list of the things I cheated with over a 2 day period. Gosh I feel so ashamed.

Rice Crispie Treat
Cheese dip (Well worth it since we have a dip cook off coming up. We got the recipe for this from a famous restaurant in downtown Disney! We are totally gonna kick ass at the cook-off. The dip is probably the cheat that was most worth it to me.)

So here is the good news. I was planning on having a huge week long cheat after the Paleo Challenge was over, and since I got my cheats out in Disney I no longer want to cheat even after the challenge. The only little cheat I plan on having once or twice after the challenge is cream in my coffee...but that is it! So this little experiment totally proves what I already thought was true. You should allow yourself a cheat or two each month just so you don't go crazy in the long run. Then the cheat will be out of your system and you can be back on track immediately afterward.

I am not going to bother mentioning all the Paleo food I ate this weekend, just know that besides what I ate in the cheat section, everything else stayed Paleo.

I have started fresh today and feel great! All cheats out of system...all Paleo systems are a go!

Breakfast: eggs, grapes, AB
Lunch: chicken
Dinner: grass fed beef, asparagus

WOD: I chose #1 AMRAP 15 minutes
5 jerks (98 pounds)
7 clapping pushups
100 M run

I got 6 rounds!
My jerks feel like they are getting so much better!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Took the day off to meet my sister, brother in law, and niece and nephew in Disney. Went to 8 AM class. A big thank you to the 8AM crew for letting me and spaz join in.

I did 103 pounds and had 6 missed reps. My chin ups were very sloppy! I better do a few more burpees to make up for it!

Breakfast: larabar

Lunch: on the road to Disney...chicken and lettuce, almonds

Snack: larabar on the road

Dinner: crappy buffet at fort wilderness. Salad ( with small amount of vinagerette) salmon, pretty paleo chili (no beans), chicken. Overall I did great staying Paleo considering what the choices at the buffet were. You should have seen some of those overweight unhealthy buffet people pack on the mac and cheese. I was sick to my stomach just watching them! Needless to say, buffets are not for Paleo people.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Extra protein

WOD: AMRAP 15 minutes

2 hspu
6 burpees
10 pullups

I feel amazingly strong today! Could be the extra protein!?!

8 rounds plus 6 burpees

Breakfast: eggs, banana

Lunch: chicken breast, grapes, almond butter

Extra snack: small piece of grilled fish left over from last night

Dinner: chicken, salsa, guac

Sweet tooth: tea with honey

I've been "toying" (no pun intended) with the idea of vexing certified to teach Crossfit Kids. After all, it is two of my favorite things and crossfit. We'll see how I feel after I look at the requirements. I think it'd be an awesome cert to start my list off with, even if I don't get to teach Crossfit Kids right away. Who day I could open a gym strictly for Crossfit kids. A girl can dream can't she???

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