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Friday, March 26, 2010


Took the day off to meet my sister, brother in law, and niece and nephew in Disney. Went to 8 AM class. A big thank you to the 8AM crew for letting me and spaz join in.

I did 103 pounds and had 6 missed reps. My chin ups were very sloppy! I better do a few more burpees to make up for it!

Breakfast: larabar

Lunch: on the road to Disney...chicken and lettuce, almonds

Snack: larabar on the road

Dinner: crappy buffet at fort wilderness. Salad ( with small amount of vinagerette) salmon, pretty paleo chili (no beans), chicken. Overall I did great staying Paleo considering what the choices at the buffet were. You should have seen some of those overweight unhealthy buffet people pack on the mac and cheese. I was sick to my stomach just watching them! Needless to say, buffets are not for Paleo people.

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  1. good job paleo-ing it on the road! No easy task, for sure.