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Saturday, March 6, 2010

What I Learned

It took me most of the day to recover from yesterday's "bad fish". What I learned is that 5 bites of bad fish can lead to over 24 hours worth of pain! Imagine what the lifetime of crappy eating takes to get out of our system. If five bites of fish took over 24 hours...what does 24 years of crappy eating take? I am once again so glad to be eating Paleo!

Breakfast: none...stomach was still raw

Lunch: eggs, guacamole, sausage, 1/2 lara bar for carbs

Dinner: Rob ad I had a date night. I realized that I needed to give my stomach something else besides rotten fish to digest so I forced food down. After the first couple of bites it wasn't bad anymore. We took a walk downtown (see picture), had a glass of wine at the Elephant Bar, and dinner at Stonewood. I ordered:

Salad with no dressing just lemons on the side, and scallop and shrimp kabobs dry with no risotto.

Rob noticed that our waiter kept pointing at our table (we thought this was strange) and right before our dinner came out he came up to our table and said..."Alright...I gotta know. What diet are you on." So we explained the Paleo eating and he seemed very intrigued. He then felt the need to tell us his own story about how he lost 50 pounds on the Sylvester Stalone Diet. Basically he said it was eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner because that way you don't eat too much right before bed. Wat will they come up with next?!? I think Paleo is very normal, but maybe he thinks we are just as crazy as we think he is. Oh well! I thought it was cool that he was so interested in why we ordered what we did. I'd rather have people be up front with me and ask why I order things as opposed to talking about it and making assumptions.


  1. i think you, Kristin, have adhered to paleo better than anyone else. so few cheats. and you have improved your relationship with food, a major goal for all of us. i'm so proud of you. bounce bounce explode!

  2. p.s. love the photo. so purty!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better. Your observation about purging a life-time of crappy eating in comparison to getting over 5 bites of bad fish strikes home. Like you, I definitely feel better when eating Paleo, although my little Waffle House hash brown cheat today didn't disrupt me much.

    Your running is vastly improving! You are sprinting faster than ever, you are going out faster for extended time, and it doesn't phase you a bit to warm up doing 800 meters or knocking out a mile after a WOD. Think back a mere few months ago my CF friend, you have improved a lot!

    See you tomorrow!