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Friday, March 5, 2010

Worst Day Ever!

Actually, I think it could have been worse.

It all started with a crazy day at school, and an hour and a half worth of (not so fun) parent phone calls, which in turn delayed my lunch.

Breakfast: eggs, salsa, sausage, strawberries, almond butter

Lunch: salmon on top of a salad with lemon. Here is where the major problem starts...

So I ate lunch a little later than usual due to issues I was handling at work, then headed out to Crossfit to do my runs. I got through the first run at 9 minutes and 59 seconds. Halfway through my first run I felt sick to my stomach, but I attempted to buck up and I ran my second run which took me 11:58...yuck! Still felt really ill but was determined to finish the workout. I started to run my last run, but realized I wouldn't make it. I was bent over in pain when a man on a bicycle (possibly a bum?) asked me if I was ok and I did not want to speak to him so I just answered "yeah" and decided it was probably best if I walked back to crossfit and got home as quick as possible. The man continued to ride next to me and said "I saw you run back and forth about ten times, you have got to be tired." I just said yeah and picked up my walking pace a this time I began to break out in a cold sweat. So I walked right back into crossfit and practically ran out the front door saying "I didn't finish my last run...gotta go I'm sick! I'll finish this weekend" I called Rob on my way home in hopes I would make it. I've never driven so fast. I think it took me 5 minutes to get home. I got home and spent some time in the bathroom. Rob was forcing some alka seltzer down my throat (which I was hoping would make me puke). As soon as I was mobile, I ran to the fridge to take out the lunch I did not finish and realized that the salmon was anything but fresh. Luckily it wasn't too far over the expiration date which saved me a lot of pain, but it was far enough over the expiration date to make me sick for a little while. The problem is I do not like to get sick in front of people...which is why I ran out of the door at crossfit, and I have a fear of throw up. The worst part is, since I have a fear of throw up I can hold it down pretty fact I would rather swallow it then let it come out. I've only thrown up 2 times in my whole life. Once on my 21st birthday for obvious reasons, and once when I was 11 from a stomach virus which I remember clearly and intended to never let it happen again. So not only do I not like to throw up, but I also literally can't make myself throw up. Ready for my secret super power? I have no gag reflex. Don't believe me...ask Jim. He didn't either until I let him stick his fingers down my throat and nothing happened. Yes Jim...I did just announce that story on my blog! The one story that has gotten you in so much trouble with Amy. So needless to say after attempting to make myself throw up to feel better it didn't work. So now that I told you way too much information and probably inappropriate too, I will finish by saying I missed the "sex toy" party I was supposed to attend for my friend's bachelorette party. I skipped dinner and opted for tea instead. I will complete this WOD tomorrow as soon as my stomach stops feeling like it does.


  1. you sweet, sweet girl: do not fret over this. 1) wanting to finish the WOD is admirable and I think we all know you are of your word...but it's NOT the end of the world!
    2) nobody likes puking, and don't worry about your special feelings about it
    3) I think the story re: jim is hilarious and also not that big a deal, I think most are laughing it off right now
    4) um, you escaped a bike riding who-knows-what, which is a good thing
    5) no gag reflex? leaving that one alone. ;O
    6) no need for toys, TOY. :O

    Most importantly, I hope you are feeling better this morning. The sun did indeed come up!

  2. AND:
    7) it def could have been worse!