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Monday, March 8, 2010


3 rds for time of
10 Clean N Jerks @ 100/155lbs
30 KTE

98 pounds 18:(something)

Breakfast: eggs, onions, salsa, strawberries, almond butter

Lunch: chicken, pistachios

Dinner: chili, spinach, square of dark chocolate and almond butter, tea. I'm feeling the sweets cravings!

I just found out today that district is going to come in and video tape some of my teaching to use as a demonstration for online trainings. Pretty cool huh?

FCAT starts tomorrow, which doesn't mean a whole lot for my kiddos except that we have a new schedule for the next 2 weeks...which means they will be in the classroom for longer periods of time because there is no movement on campus during the FCAT. Pray for me and my sanity please!


  1. 98 is AWFUL close to 100...little miss who can be going RXD......i'm just sayin'....

  2. I would love to see the video of your class!