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Monday, March 29, 2010

catch goes

So...I'll give you the bad news first:

I cheated! Ahhh!!!! I was so close to an almost perfect run and I screwed it up. Below is a list of the things I cheated with over a 2 day period. Gosh I feel so ashamed.

Rice Crispie Treat
Cheese dip (Well worth it since we have a dip cook off coming up. We got the recipe for this from a famous restaurant in downtown Disney! We are totally gonna kick ass at the cook-off. The dip is probably the cheat that was most worth it to me.)

So here is the good news. I was planning on having a huge week long cheat after the Paleo Challenge was over, and since I got my cheats out in Disney I no longer want to cheat even after the challenge. The only little cheat I plan on having once or twice after the challenge is cream in my coffee...but that is it! So this little experiment totally proves what I already thought was true. You should allow yourself a cheat or two each month just so you don't go crazy in the long run. Then the cheat will be out of your system and you can be back on track immediately afterward.

I am not going to bother mentioning all the Paleo food I ate this weekend, just know that besides what I ate in the cheat section, everything else stayed Paleo.

I have started fresh today and feel great! All cheats out of system...all Paleo systems are a go!

Breakfast: eggs, grapes, AB
Lunch: chicken
Dinner: grass fed beef, asparagus

WOD: I chose #1 AMRAP 15 minutes
5 jerks (98 pounds)
7 clapping pushups
100 M run

I got 6 rounds!
My jerks feel like they are getting so much better!


  1. Your cheats don't sound so bad. The cookie and rice crispy treat sounded singular so I'm betting you didn't eat a box of each. And you jumped right back on the wagon, minimal harm! Sorry I misses the WOD today, looks like you nailed it! See you Tuesday.

  2. Great post :) and GOOD FOR YOU ;)

  3. Oh, Ms. K. I heart you so. Your cheats were minimal and you LEARNED from them, so you remain an all around winner in my book, and my book is pretty cool.


    You, D, and I definitely need to enjoy a paleo brunch after Easter. We also need to get back to regular CFEs. D. can SPEEDWALK beside us until she fully recovers. :)