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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Haha! So I made a little addition mistake when I told Jason today that 6+14=19. What can I say? I teach Kindergarten, and we use pictures to help us add. But ask me anything about the cognitive development of a 5 year old and I can rattle quite a bit of information off.

"Dead-Cat Bounce"
Four rounds for reps of
1 minute max reps WBS @ 14/20
1 minute max rope climb ascents @ 15-ft
Row 500-Meters
*Rest - Try to start each round exactly six minutes apart.

I got 60 WBS + 6 rope climbs (Very thrilled with my rope climbs! The WBS felt better today. Not as difficult as they usually are. Getting there!)

Ok so here is the deal about what I ate today...

I had a parent conference at 7:00 this morning, so I did not eat my breakfast at my usual time. Instead I ate my breakfast when my kiddos were at PE (10:00). I really liked not eating right away in the morning and felt more satisfied all day. I think I may try this again tomorrow. Is this a bad habit?

Late Breakfast: egg, sausage, strawberries, almond butter (I loved eating eggs instead of a smoothie! Nice change!)

Lunch: Squash, meatball, clean tomato sauce, plenty of walnuts

Dinner: eggs, sausage, salsa

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  1. I don't think it's a bad's a mini fast, actually....if you stretched it out to lunch you would be IFing! :) Sometimes I feel off if I eat break too early, it makes me get hungry for lunch early, then my snack, etc etc. Funny how it is truly like clockwork. (a sign that your meals/insulin are balanced) Good job- and if it works, I say do it! you are doing fantastic, TOY. Looks like a yummy day of food to me.