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Monday, March 1, 2010


So today was my first day eating only 1 serving of fruit in the morning and vegetables for the rest of the day. The results were ok. I do feel the difference both positive and negative. It is kind of like the first week of Paleo where my body was going through withdraw. I went through somewhat of a sugar low today, but felt better when performing at the gym. I'll see how I feel next week when my body gets over the withdraw.

CFFM Strength WOD:
Back Squat 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Set a PR! Reference 01.04.10 for 5-RM

My old PR was 143. Today my PR was 148!!! Veggies rock my strength!

*Assistance Strength Work: Handstand Holds, 4-minutes. I continue to improve in my freestanding handstands (without the wall). I think I finally got it down pat. I'm hoping to do 20 seconds (at a time) next time.

Breakfast: smoothie

snack: spinach, walnuts

Lunch: roast beef, lettuce, avocado

I was still hungry when I got home from school, probably from my lack of sugar that I normally get from my 2nd serving of fruit so I ate some more walnuts and that seemed to ease my hunger. I probably consumed too many fats today but I will eventually get a hold of this!

Dinner: meatballs and spinach

Tomorrow I am not going to have a smoothie for breakfast, I'm going to do the egg thing and see how I like it.


  1. I could eat an ENTIRE CAKE RIGHT NOW! I am suffering severe cravings/withdrawal. i feel like a rabid animal right now. what's a girl to do?

    congrats on the PR! I went up by 10 pounds. tra la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaa

  2. Awesome job on the squats! Rock the house! 148 is HEAVY!! Let me know when you are doing a CFE tomorrow, I get out of class early and would like to infiltrate your 6 pm group!!

  3. i think you're the only paleo eater who did not cheat this past weekend/end of week. points for you!!!

  4. Actually, my exp has been the more fruit, the hungrier I get sooner...veggies cause not as much of an insulin spike and then crash....but we're all different :)

  5. and adding a little more fat will def hold you over! Good job.