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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday and Sunday Catch Up

Rob and I visited my parents on the other coast this weekend. We had a nice visit, but got made fun of for our "diet" as my parents and brother called it. They don't understand it...that's the problem. Nor do I think they want to try to understand it...which is the other problem. You can only close your eyes to food "problems" for so long. My mom is from the "weight watchers" generation so she thinks I am only doing this to lose weight. She says "You can eat anything as long as it is in moderation." So I try to explain the health benefits of eating Paleo but she just doesn't get it. In the end, it doesn't matter if they understand it or not because I understand it, like it, and feel great! The cravings got to me a little this weekend and I tried to squash them (as Jason says), I only caved in with 2 squares of dark chocolate. So that's not bad. This week I start eating fruit only in the morning and switch to greens for the remainder. Looking forward to seeing and feeling the effects of this. I know there are things I need to work on in my Paleo eating, and I know I am not perfect. Just putting that out there in case I did come across as if I am doing this Paleo thing perfectly.


Breakfast: Larabar (I know this is not considered breakfast but Rob and I were trying toge on the road)

Lunch: lettuce wrapped roast beef with tomato, strawberries, mac. nuts

Dinner: scallops, spinach, mushrooms 2 glasses of wine

Dessert: 2 squares of dark chocolate


Breakfast: egg, zucchini, peppers, mixed fruit

Lunch: late breakfast so no lunch. Just snacked on some dates and unsweetened coconut, mac. nuts. I know this was not a great choice, but easy access at the time while Rob and I prepare our meals for the week.

Dinner: Paleo meatballs and tomato sauce, squash, spinach


  1. I'll have to get some pointers from you on dealing with family. I have a couple of family events coming up the next 3 weeks and I fear it will get tiresome explaining why I won't eat such-and-such, each event seems to revolve completely around food. Oy vey!

  2. No, you did not sound like you were trying to be 'perfect'! NONE of us are :) But I hear you on the family thing. Only now am I realizing how BAD my family eats. And I get that they don't get it, and for now, that's what it's going to be. I am not here to change everyone, as much as I love my fam. They can all think what they want, eat what they want...I guess the best thing to do is lead by example...but it def is frustrating, yes? Oy vey INDEED!!! Wears my ass out.