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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Edison Festival and Weekend Update

Wow! I actually missed a day of blogging! Let me catch everyone up.


I intended to do a 5K on my own just to monitor my progress, but started to run too soon after eating so my running was lacking. In the middle of my run I decided that it would be in my best interest to do a 15 minute run and then go digest some more and do another run. So after I digested I did 1 minute on 1 minute off for 1 mile. It took me 7 min and 34 seconds to do a mile. That's pretty fast for me! I call that my CFE on a whim.

Late breakfast: eggs, salsa, steak, onion, zuchinni

no lunch, but had a larabar for snack

Dinner: We had a tailgate party before the Edison 5K...chicken, peppers, mixed vegetables, avocado

I was hungry when we came home from the Festival so I munched on some more veggies...I figured I don't eat enough of them anyway so it couldn't hurt. Oh yeah..and I can't forget my paleo cocktail. I'm really liking the tequila.

The 5K was really fun to watch! I'm very proud of my crossfit friends who ran. We saw Leah, Paul, Sarah, Kate, Jason, J-Brod, Diane, Jane, Michelle, and I might be forgetting some of you. Rob got some great pictures! I'l have to have him post them. There is a really awesome one of Jane!

Then we watched the parade and I was so excited because one of my former students was on the Estero Fire Dept. Float with her Dad and mom and sister (who will be my student next year). It was very exciting! Her mom and dad saw me and we tried to get her attention, but it was too late she was in the front and I had already missed her. We also saw Jason Gunter and Laurie. Very exciting!


Breakfast: eggs, salsa, avocado, onion, red pepper, olives

snack: larabar

lunch: lettuce, turkey, apples, macadamia nuts.

Dinner: coconut shrimp, peppers, avocado

After church, Rob and I spent some time on Sanibel again (see picture). We've really been enjoying taking some time for ourselves. We packed our lunch and it was a fun little picnic. We also had a paleo cocktail. There was a wedding on the beach and it really made me miss mine. Then I started thinking, my wedding dress would probably be a little big on me now. I have a wedding I am going to be in on October 1st. I am very excited and am hoping that my dress will need to be taken in. It is always my goal to have my dresses take in. The good news stomach did go down. Sarah might be right it could be from the dried fruit. I've stopped eating dried fruit so we will see if that helps the stomach issue. On another positive note, I put on a dress before church today that used to fit a little snug and now it is pretty loose. If I lose another five pounds, I could have an excuse to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. I did feel much better in my bathing suit today than I have in a long time. Life is good!


  1. Thank you so much for cheering all of us on, which meant so much to me! Was good to see you all out there. I made silly faces at the lot of you as i passed by because i am a goof. i hope the pic Rob took of me did not capture me looking like i ride the special bus. ;) please do share. i really enjoyed the run. i plan to do it every year for sure. 5ks are definitely hard, but worth it. we run the same time and can root each other on, so next year you better be running along side of me! :) we can wave to the fast one -- Diane -- as she passes us on the other side.

  2. congrats on feeling good in your bathing suit. isn't that a wonderful feeling?! you go, K!

  3. Ditto on the thanks for cheering us on! When I saw you, Rob, and Jim I was getting tired and wanted to slow the pace a little, you motivated me to keep going. After all, we can do anything for 5 more minutes. You and Jane are getting faster every day. Next year I expect we will be running together and racing to the finish line!

    You are looking great my friend. It does feel great when clothes that were snug fit loosly. Awesome! I'll see you tomorrow when we tackle "Cindy".

  4. Thank you again for the cheering and photos. That was such a treat!

    I am tickled to hear you are seeing/feeling body comp changes! That is big for us girls, I don't care what anyone else says ;) Btw, I'm not sure if dried fruit causes bloating, but it usually is pretty stout in the sugar dept, so cutting back can always be a good thing- kudos!

    Food is looking great, girl. You are rocking this out. And I am SURE that a new dress will be in order for the Oct wedding. :)