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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wall Balls are the devil!

5 rds for time of
Run 400-Meters
30 Box Jumps @ 20"/24"
30 WBS @ 14lbs/20lbs

This workout took me 41:06. The Wall Balls held me back big time. I think I might start throwing around the 20lb ball every day just to fix my wall ball problem...and it is a major problem! Oh win some and you lose some. I will work on it. The beauty is that there is always room for improvement.

Breakfast: smoothie

Lunch: chili with spinach

Snack: apricot, walnut, date mix

Dinner: steak, onions, zucchini, squash

Sarah had commented on my blog to make sure I am adding in fat. Thank you Sarah for checking up on me. I really appreciate the help. I have been pretty good about making sure I am adding in fat, today I could tell I was lacking in fats by the way I felt, so I came home and ate some. I felt much better. I worry about eating too much fat though. The scale says I am losing weight, but I have noticed that while my hips are looking belly is poking out. Could this be from eating too much fat? I also noticed that this happened when Rob and I did the zone for a couple of weeks. It definitely has something to do with this new way of eating. Does anyone have answers to this? To be honest Sarah I think this might be why it looks as if I have skimped on the fat...because I am scared of what is happening to my stomach.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. My school is doing the Panther Run. I opted to run with my students. It gives them motivation to participate and they get so excited about the fact that teachers actually know how to run. For some reason, 5 year old students think that their teachers live at school and don't do anything that is not done during the day while they are there. I will keep you posted on the run.


  1. Maybe the belly issue is gas instead of fat? Eating more raw veggies and fruit could be causing a little bit of it. I am noticing it too, very frustrating.

    A run with 5-year olds! Sounds like a blast! Have a great time and I'll see you tomorrow.

  2. T.O.Y said...
    You're an amazing person! I already knew that...but it was confirmed after out little "talk" at crossfit today!

    Our little talk = when i explained the birds and bees to you? ;) ♥

    ~in all seriousness, i graciously thank you, Ms. K.~

  3. the target is incredibly high for you!! is no wonder that wall balls take you longer. don't forget that. at 41 min you still kicked major arse.

  4. two things:

    Wall ball shots are horrible. But if you want to feel better--watch basketball and see how often they miss shots--and that ball's not weighted!

    second--my belly is doing the same thing! I thought I was imagining things. Down weight--and it's not poochy--but rounded. Hmmm. Let me know if you find an answer!

  5. my experience has been this: while fat is inert in terms of insulin spiking/resistance, it is high calories, and personally, I need to make sure that I use proper zone measurements to keep my total fat intake in check. I am 11B @ 1x fat, but my carbs are at 5-6B usually, so my total fats for the day are usually about 26-29B. I do not freak out if I go over by a few. CARBS (read: fruit, or PALEO TREATS) are by far what I restrict as opposed to fat. I am not near as concerned with green veggies. Remember that stress (cortisol), lack of sleep, etc shows up as umbilical/abdominal fat, as well. To me, there is a diff in rounded belly and belly FAT, so hard to know what you're seeing. Looks like you're pretty good with your fruit intake, I would watch the dried fruits, tho. Also, digestion is HUGE. Pay close attention to your activity there, and to Diane's point, gas could be an issue- esp if your smoothies have added pwdrd protein....just my experience I am speaking to. Hear this: if you are keeping your blocks solid/tight, your food quality clean (mostly green veggies and controlled fruit), getting proper sleep/recovery/rest, then your belly should be looking more like what you want, given good digestion.

  6. I also think we need to remind ourselves that change takes time. Our bodies are adjusting and while it may be frustrating the overall outcome will be a healthier you. I have been tired and cranky for two weeks now and think I am just getting past will adjust.

  7. @ Kary- excellent point.

    TOY- the more I think about it, I have to remember that adjusting to this kind of 'diet'(I use the term as in 'food plan') does bring about more 'digestive activity' i.e. b movement, gas, etc etc just by the nature of the greens, brocc, raw veggies, etc and such. Esp for folks who are eating these foods in larger quans than ever before and are also likely making a big switch in terms of quality of food (you, I am guessing)...this being the 3rd week of the challenge, KB reminds us that your bod is just now starting to adjust/make noticable changes. I think Coach will agree (and he's the best 'go-to' on this) that it takes at least a month for somethng to either exit the bod (junk, sugar, toxins and/or enter & see change in the bod (high quality foods).....OBVIOUSLY you are eating cleaner, feeling better, happier, better this is already a huge's why we all do it!! :) :) Great job!