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Friday, February 5, 2010

100% Italian

Breakfast: Paleo Smoothie, Black Coffee

Snack: Apple with Almond Butter

Lunch: Carrots, pulled pork, almonds, water

Dinner: So we went to Cibo for dinner. Try bringing a girl who is 100% Italian and grew up eating nothing but pasta to an awesome Italian restaurant. I succeeded!!! Woohoo! I ordered a mixed fish dish and instead of pasta I had broccoli. That was tough, and now I feel great. However, I did have a few cocktails...half glass of wine and a dirty martini. Slowly getting used to the Paleo cocktail...Tequila.

Did not break out in a sweat today. I think my body is starting to get used to the change. I lost 3 pounds, but I think most of that is retained water.

Working on finding a new hobby since it can't be food anymore. Lucky Rob!


  1. go, Kristin! you = awesome. way to resist, my petite Italian friend. i've lost 5 pounds, but i, too, think it's water...and salt. :)

    to answer your question regarding the pants, yes. my super stunning plaid pajama pants fit me again.

  2. p.s. i found the 411 for you and D!

    "Having studied and operated on the female form for many years, Dr. Mendieta notes the feminine rear end almost always comes in four shapes: round, square, V or A-shaped. The most attractive of all are A's and often resemble an upside-down heart with a wider bottom than the top.
    -- Constantino Mendieta, MD

  3. Way to stay strong and resist the pasta Kristin!

  4. Your example of excellent self control will be my inspiration amidst the Super Bowl snacks that will be in my house tomorrow! I am going to make some of the Paleo recipes including the Spicy Pecans for me. I have also lost about 4 pounds.