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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My First 5K

Well...I did it! I finished my first official 5K. I did not go back and check my time because I don't want to know just how poorly I did considering I was one of the last to finish. That's ok though...I still ran it and got the first one under my belt. I am planning on doing plenty more and training harder. I think this could become an obsession for me...but a very good obsession none the less. My quads and bottom hurt so bad during the run. In fact it has taken me longer to do anything today just because of the pain. Even peeing takes twice the time because I have to coax myself down on the seat. When I got home from the run I took a 4 hour nap. I was exhausted!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, apple, almond butter

lunch: lobster tail, squash, and zucchini

diner: Ready for my story? So we had a cook off today which a group of our friends does once a month. Today's cook off was burgers. No big deal right? Wrong! Well...first I tried to tell Rob that I would just watch and not participate because I did not want all that non Paleo food in my body, but Rob gave me a hard time about it. So I decided to take small mouse bites of the burgers and a few of them I took off the buns on my mouse bite. I even convinced one of the participants to give me a Paleo burger (just the patty with tomato and bacon). He earned extra points on my score card because he catered to me. So, after beating myself up over my mouse bites the whole way home, I have finally convinced Rob to let me just watch the next time and bring my own Paleo food.

2 Paleo cocktails. I am really beginning to enjoy this tequila. That can only mean trouble!

So I am down 5 pounds (and I even weighed myself after I ate). This is good news! I have decided that I enjoy the way I feel so much while eating Paleo that I am going to continue eating this way long after the challenge is over.


  1. Great job on the 5K! Time doesn't matter, finishing does, and you did!

    I am skipping the Marco run tomorrow, too darned cold and I am just not up for it. I may take a run tomorrow after the sun comes up and warms up a little, I am sooooo tired of being cold!

    I absolutely feel your pain, my butt and thighs are sore. I did today's WOD at home and let me tell you, thrusters suck the day after weighted lunges!

    I also lost 5 pounds the first week without really even feeling hungry. I haven't had that bloated feeling that was commonplace pre-Paleo, so this may very well become a life-style change. We are going to the Whole Food market in Naples tomorrow for the first time and I am looking forward to adding a little variety to my cave man diet.

    See you Monday!

  2. I am happy dancing all over the place for you, Kristin!

    1. what a positive polly you have become.
    2. yay about continuing with paleo. i'm thinking similarly, though i still struggle with protein selection; foul can taste & smell, well, foul.
    3. yay about the weight loss! we have both lost exactly 5 pounds! how awesome is that?! we are awesome. :D
    4. good for you for being strong, for not wanting to consume food that you did not prepare/have no idea how it was prepared/or worse, you know. that's serious discipline!
    5. i am so glad you enjoyed your 5k. i did, too! was v disappointed that i missed the piper run., but i'm still not well. today's theme is snot...lots of it. the next 5k is the Edison Festival 5k downtown, this weekend. i'm super psyched about that. are you running that one?

  3. Good job on the 5K!! Toughing it out through sore legs and booty is even more stellar! You will be addicted...the next Kara Goucher in the making!