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Friday, February 26, 2010

Field Trip

We had a field trip today! We went to Cypress Lake High School to see their performance of Alice in Wonderland the ballet. It was incredible! The kids were funny. They were just so excited to be outside of school on a bus.

"Robert Goulet"
AMRAP in 15 minutes of
5 Burpees
10 Pullups
15 Box Jumps @ 20"

5 rounds plus 5 burpees

I also did a CE before the WOD
Rd 1.)
Run 100-yards, rest :30, run 100-yds, rest :25, run 100-yds, rest :20, run 100-yds, rest :15, run 100-yds, rest :10, run 100-yds, rest :05, run 100-yds, rest 2:00
Rd 2.)
Repeat work/rest sequence @ 80-yards
Rd 3.)
Repeat work/rest sequence @ 60-yards

Breakfast: smoothie

Snack: Apple and almond butter

Lunch: chicken, squash, tomato sauce, mac. nuts

Dinner: lettuce wrap burger, mushrooms

Dessert: square of dark chocolate with almond butter (I was feeling the cravings bad tonight and this helped fix all that)

Oh yeah! And a Paleo cocktail!


  1. I have got to try that CFE this weekend. Looks fun.

    I'll bet it is a hoot to take 5-year olds to high school! Did they get to interact with the HS kids? What a great job you have!

    How are your hands after the pull-ups?

  2. 6pm is the SHIZ! We fn ROCK. Hollaaaaaaaaaa.


    seriously, though -- we do. arrogance is OK, Kristin. Embrace it. LOLZ.