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Friday, February 12, 2010

AMRAP in 15 minutes of
Weighted Walking Lunges, 100-ft @ 33/45
GHD Hip Extensions, 15 reps - hold one count at top of each rep

45 pounds - 5 rounds plus 10 lunges

Breakfast: Paleo smoothie

Snack: walnut, dates, dried peaches

Lunch: turkey with avocado and salsa

Dinner: Tuna steak, squash, and zucchini (Best dinner this week!)

Ok...I admit it. I came home after school and had a dinosaur dropping. I had to do it! You should have seen all the candy, chocolate, cookies, and cupcakes I had to throw away today. I can honestly say I did not take one bite. I didn't even have a lick of frosting. Just try to be a teacher around any holiday. I should have taken a picture of all the sweets. At least my cheat was a Paleo cheat.

I have noticed that when I am full these days it is a different kind of a full. It is a lovely satisfying feeling. Before Paleo when I would say I was full, it meant I was uncomfortable and I had a nasty feeling. I am so content when I eat Paleo. Feels good.


  1. I didn't think of it until you mentioned it, but you're right. Full used to mean bloated and uncomfortable; Paleo-full is just no longer hungry. How about posting the recipe for the dinosaur droppings? They sound intriguing.

    Great job resisting the sweets today! Good luck in the 5K tomorrow!

  2. I hope the 5k went well! Great job on the temptations are strong. I'm going to have to step it up or be left in the dust!

  3. I missed the 5K. :( The turn out was inspiring! 850 people! Am so pleased for Heather.

    Thank you for missing me. Did you and Diane say "indeed" and "stupit" in my absence? :)