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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bring on the temptation!

5 rounds of:
3 Power Snatch
3 Snatch Pulls
3 Power Snatch

I got up to 68 pounds. I did not do more because I felt like the 68 was too sloppy to move up. No fouls though.

Breakfast: Paleo smoothie

Snack: walnut, dates, dried peaches

Lunch: beef with avocado and onions

Snack: Larabar

Dinner: taco salad

Tomorrow is our Valentine's Day party at school. I hear there is going to be cupcakes. Surprisingly enough, they don't appeal to me anymore. I love the challenge of being tempted. In fact it isn't really even a challenge at this point because none of that food appeals to me anymore so I don't even touch it. I think that eating those things is just done out of habit and I am well on my way to retraining my habit to eating only Paleo foods.

I put on a pair of jeans today that I haven't worn since my Freshman year of college. Don't ask me why I kept them. Bottom line is that they fit me even better than they did 7 years ago. The numbers on the scale don't seem to be moving much, but my body is definitely taking on a new form. I'm really enjoying it too!


  1. Whoo Whee Kristin fittin in to the college jeans again and lookn even better than before... Awesome!

  2. YEAH kristin! That is what it is all about, yes? Changing your way of thinking and eating food AND old jeans that fit! Great post. And nice work with the snatches!

  3. Wow, and its only been a week and a half! I too am no longer tempted by the goodies, our bodies seem to be happy with the change in fuel. Great job!