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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

100's Day

100's Day at school was a big success!

My day at Crossfit was also a big success! Don't you just love this positive attitude?!?

CFE: Row 3,000 Meters: Broken up with a 1 min rest at the 1,500 mark. Average split time for both 2:19...very consistent. Love how consistent I am getting. Now to work on the speed! Felt amazing after the row! In fact it took me about 10 minutes to finally stop talking about how amazing I felt. Sorry Diane and Jane.

WOD: Power Clean 3,3,3,3,3
I PR'd on this one at 108. Was feeling very tired at about 3rd set from the CFE.
Diane even said a "dirty" word tonight! Love when that happens. :)
6 PM is laying it on thick!

Assistance Strength: I actually did a handstand hold free standing without using the wall for 9 whole seconds!

Paleo food in my tummy = greatness!

Breakfast: Paleo smoothie
Snack: walnuts, dates, and dried peaches mix
Lunch: Chili
Dinner: Turkey, salsa, broccoli, walnuts


  1. Diane is VERY naughty. But we love her so. :)

    Good work today! I wish we could do the CFEs in the morning, but we'd have to get up at ca. 4am, when i'm getting REM. That's not happening, at least not for me, anyway. :)

    You gush about your natural highs as much as your little heart desires.

  2. So sorry about my potty mouth! I will work on saying "shucks" from now on when I miss a lift.

    Hey, you keep right on expressing your pleasure about how good it feels to push yourself, it charges us all up! I know I start feeling the rush that last 150 meters knowing it is almost over.

    I too would prefer a few hours between the CFE and WOD, but I am NOT getting out of my bed at 4am. I guess we'll have to settle on a couple a week backed up to a WOD.

  3. NICE work on the handstand girl! my little tumbler...