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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wash and Reload

Does anybody else feel like they are constantly washing dishes with all this Paleo cooking?

WOD - Scorched
AMRAP in 15 minutes of
Sprint 20 -40 -20 yards
Burpee Pull-Ups, 10 reps

I did 6 rounds (even) as compared to 4 rounds and 2 burpee pull-ups last time.

Breakfast: Paleo smoothie

Snack: walnut, dates, dried peaches
I ate lunch with a few of my students today who earned it. I actually eat my snack during their lunch time. They were very interested in what I was eating and I tried to explain Paleo in kindergarten terms. Then they kept asking me to analyze their lunch and tell them if it was healthy or not. Very cute! I may be able to turn my whole class Paleo. Now that would be an awesome goal.

Lunch: Turkey with salsa

Dinner: beef with avocado and onions

Still feeling healthy, however I was very tired today. All worn out!


  1. YES!!! I feel like I do a load before I go to bed, then unload and do another before I leave for work! I did not prepare for dish washing time!!!!!

  2. TOTALLY am doing way more dishes than ever. Also more shopping, more prepping, more EATING, more everything! It's not easy being clean! So cool that your tykes are smitten wiht your food :) That would be a great goal! something tells me that you'd prolly be getting a few phone calls from wierded out parents tho, yes?

  3. yes to the constant dishes part.