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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I lost count!

Quick blog...on my way to bed.

Thanks Sara and Paul for hosting an awesome Super Bowl Party

breakfast: eggs, salsa, bacon, orange

lunch: chili

dinner: Well...I lost count. I know I had a few cucumbers, 2 shrimp, some salad Kary made (Fantastic!), some peppers, and tons of desserts! Dinosaur droppings, coconut cookies (Jane you rock!), A-Bomb's awesome squares. I think that about covers it. Let's just call it an all out Paleo cheat. Everything I ate was Paleo just too much in quantity. Oh yeah...and I can't forget my 1 and 1/4 vodka soda.


  1. we all lost count. on purpose, me thinx ;0 So glad you guys came, and the dino eggs are fantastic. Dangerous, but fantastic.

  2. Your welcome. Great time thanks.