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Monday, February 8, 2010


I finally feel good! I felt satisfied with my eating today, and I felt good during my WOD...not sluggish. I finally can write a positive blog and stop being a Negative Nancy. The negative streak is over...hopefully.

Run 1 - 1:44
Run 2 - 1:45
Wall Balls - 4:24
Run 3 - 1:43
Run 4 - 1:45

No fouls!!!! Yeah! I know my running times may seem slow to some, but for me this is an improvement...not to mention how consistent they were. I think this is due to the CFE's I've been doing. They are SLOWLY but surely improving my running.

Breakfast: Paleo smoothie
Snack: walnuts, dates, and dried peaches mix (yummy)
Lunch: Chili
Dinner: Steak, onions, salad

I finally figured out how to stomach my salad. Just add salsa duh!!!!

Gotta go get ready for bed...big day ahead of me. Tomorrow is the 100th day of school. This is big news people! Huge party planned including cheerio necklaces (100 cheerios to be exact). Don't be jealous!


  1. GIRL! using salsa as salad dressing = brilliance.

    am glad you're now a positive polly.

    If you were a dude i'd have written, "am glad you're now a positive panties." ;)

    see you tomorrow at 5:15 -- i will try to be there a little earlier.

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  3. You must wear the cheerio necklace to CF tomorrow!

    I have got to try the salsa salad dressing idea. Tonight I did find that adding a little raw honey to the olive oil/lemon juice mixture is very tasty.

    I am a little worried about OCD and her apparent panty fetish. However, I also find the word "panty" rather intriguing. I must bring in a recording of the Mason Williams "Panty Song".

  4. I am so jealous of cheerio necklaces. This is huge. ;) Note to self: do not eat said necklace.

    YEAH TOY for NO FOULS!! NICE WORK on keeping your runs consistent. It's pretty cool to see something actually changing/working right before your eyes!

  5. also: happy to hear you are feeling good; you've just cleared the hardest hurdle! Very cool that you are able to pay attention to how you feel, btw. So important, I feel...

  6. Negative Nancy turn-around, YEAH BABY!!! Read the Paleo Challenge blog post I just updated ... talks about how it takes some time for your body to adjust - you are doing it!! ~ J

  7. I'd like to say she passed her negative nancy attitude on to me. It is quite contagious...