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Thursday, February 4, 2010


CFE: 12 minute time trial - I feel so sluggish these days!
WOD: SB Bench Press - highest = 118

Breakfast: Coffee (black), Paleo smoothie

Snack: Apple with Almond Butter

Lunch: Leftover Taco Salad (Ground Chicken, Romaine lettuce, Chopped organic onion, Guacamole Organic Salsa) and water.

Dinner: Ny strip, Sauteed onions, Olive oil, Cherry tomatoes,Raw broccoli
The steak was so good!

I feel like such a grouch today. I am feeling major withdraw today. I did nothing but bitch to Rob. Fire was spewing out of my mouth. Today I feel like I just don't even look forward to eating anymore. I did better with my greens today, but am feeling weak and tired. My running absolutely sucked! I know it will get better after the first week and will be for my greater good.

Tomorrow we have dinner plans with Rob's family. Going to this amazing Italian restaurant. Gonna be a challenge, but I am up for it. Knowing that I have to blog what I ate will keep me from falling off the wagon. I will let you know how it goes and what I ordered.

Finally...I had my first cheat today...non Paleo gum haha! Does gum even count as a cheat?


  1. You didn't seem grouchy to me tonight! You are still recovering from that nasty ear infection; that combined with the diet change/improvement is probably making you puny feeling. Going to absolutely get better and stronger these next few weeks!

  2. Grouchy? Ha, in my family that is revered and we just call it spunk. :) Don't stress about it, there is a learning curve to everything -you should know that!

  3. I know the feeling KROCK. I feel like I am trying to kick heroin.