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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Komen 5k

What a great event!!! I felt much better running this one than I did at the Piper 5k. Sub 35 min. I hope to move that down to 30. But I still felt good while running. The shirt helped me to make sure I ran the whole thing. I felt like if I walked then no one would think Crossfit was a good program. With Crossfit's name on my shirt I felt the need to perform better.

Pre race: Lara bar
Post race: Lara bar ( I know , I know...too many Lara bars today.)

Lunch: salmon salad with lemon

Dinner: chicken and asparagus

Multiple Paleo cocktails. 3 to be exact!

By the way...

The other day, Rob said to me, "I hope you are blogging your cheats". And I said "What cheats?". And he said "the gum you had." So yes..I've had some gum, but only to make sure my breath is fresh. I talk to children all day in their face. I don't want them to gag. Any suggestions for a Paleo friendly breath mint? Bringing my toothbrush to work is out of the question because school bathrooms gross me out, and brushing my teeth in there would make me want to throw up!

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